Move with Purpose

Set in Motion is a mobile gym focused on fitness and emotional strength training. We approach the growing discipline of Parkour with a modern outlook.

Lessons will focus on body functionality, physical strength, and safely pushing the limits of the mind.

Lead Coach Roland is an experienced parkour instructor of 5+ years and a certified First Aid/CPR Instructor. For a list of all assistant coaches please refer to the "about" page.

All coaches and assistant coaches are fully vaccinated, masked during classes, and all appropriate precautions are taken. 


Ala Moana Classes

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The all inclusive sport.

Anyone from any background or socioeconomic situation can practice parkour. It is becoming more and more popular in parts of the world that do not have access to organized sports or expensive equipment. The only equipment needed to practice parkour is a pair of closed toe shoes with a grippy rubber bottom. There are many free resources online to get someone started on their parkour journey. Set in Motion strives to continue the spread of this healthy, fun, and inclusive sport.

Is parkour a martial art?

Parkour is similar to a martial art in that it requires discipline, and at its core is based on just a few simple movements. As one progresses in parkour, the movements have nearly unlimited modifications that can be applied. Where it differs from a martial art is that parkour fosters creativity through “line building”, where a practitioner strings multiple moves together as smoothly as possible. As a practitioner learns their strengths and favorite moves, their “style” emerges.

Isn’t the point of parkour to get from A to B as efficiently as possible?

This was a popular explanation for parkour for many years, in order to help the public understand the point of practicing this sport. Some of the founders saw parkour in this way, while others wanted it to be more creative and open-ended. Over the years its definition has expanded, and parkour can include any and all movements. We borrow moves from breakdancing, martial arts, gymnastics, tricking, and many other disciplines. Today, parkour is generally thought of as, “The Art of Movement”.



Location of all Parkour Group Classes is across the street from lifeguard tower 1D. 

Mauka side, next to the blue workout bars.

Close to 165 Ala Moana Blvd.