Coach Roland Turner

- Parkour Athlete 10+ years


- Experienced Parkour Coach 5+ years


- First Aid/CPR Instructor 3+ years


- Experience with special needs students

Head Coach Roland started training Parkour in 2013 and found it was the most beneficial way to face and overcome adversity in his life. He began teaching Parkour five years ago at 'The Cave' in Marin County where he grew up. Since then, his passion for spreading Parkour's ever-popular philosophy to others has grown leaps and bounds. Roland is passionate about teaching others to face physical challenges and mental barriers through Parkour.​

'Set in Motion' is the culmination of Roland's journey in fitness, along with his experiences from traveling around the world. 

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Miss Kellie

- Graduated from UHM with BA's in Art and Psychology

- Post-Baccalaureate in Special Needs

- Certified Special Needs Teacher

- Assists with Waialae After-School Program

Miss Kellie  started her journey in education more than 5 years ago. She was drawn to special education where she felt like she could make the most difference in the lives of children with special needs. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she switched careers from a teacher to a self-employed businesswoman and plant-mom. Kellie began teaching parkour in 2021. Her biggest influence to Set in Motion has been implementing processes that make classes run smoother and more time-efficient. Miss Kellie's favorite part about teaching parkour is watching kids consistently gain mental and physical confidence.