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Central O'ahu Parkour Class

This class has been created for Central O'ahu homeschool kids to bring a parkour class closer to home!

The sport of parkour is a relatively new discipline that is growing fast in popularity. A parkour athlete's goal is to move freely and creatively through any environment. To achieve this goal, practitioners use a base set of parkour skills to gain strength and coordination, and then practice until those skills are applicable in a variety of environments. Parkour borrows moves from many (and any) other movement disciplines such as martial arts, breakdance, and calisthenics.

There are two options of classes, the 9am session and the 10am session.
As of September 27th, the 10am class is full.

Class will be paid for in person before the first session begins. Payment can be made by cash, check (to Set In Motion LLC), or by venmo to @setinmotion

Coach Roland will have other classes running from Oct. 9-13th so there will be no Tuesday class on October 10th. Coach also has a baby boy on the way, due in mid-November, so classes will take a break during November and December, 2023.

Book it!

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